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Is Your Repair Estimate Fair?


We received an email from a concerned car repair owner about the prices she was getting, as well as the explanations, for her repairs. We’ve re-posted it here as it is helpful to all car owners who are trying to navigate car repair costs, and wondering if they can trust their particular car repair shop. […]

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Extended Warranties For Cars


Extended car warranties cover repair costs after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Plans are available for both new and pre-owned vehicles. Extended warranties are valuable for people who want to budget for car repairs in advance. Often one major repair can cost enough for the warranty to pay for itself. On the other hand, if the […]

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How To Donate A Car


When it’s time to get rid of a car, there are plenty of options: Trade it in, sell it to a private party, give it to a child, and so on. However, car donation is a good option for owners who want to do something for charity as well as benefit from a tax deduction […]

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Fishy Car Repair


There’s an old adage in the car repair business. Never, ever, piss off a tech. It’s kind of like telling a doctor they’re a jerk just before they operate. Auto mechanics have a tough job in a tough environment. Sometimes they vent their frustrations on car repair customers – it doesn’t take much to tick […]

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Car Maintenance: Will it Really Help Gas Mileage?


Does auto maintenance really save gas mileage? As gas prices continue to rise, the auto industry is out in full force touting the benefits of car maintenance. Many repair shops even have custom “fuel saver” services. While maintaining one’s car is indeed important, does it really save gas? Before we answer this, let’s step back […]

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Is The Dealer More Expensive For Auto Repair?

Do dealers charge higher car repair prices? There are many who assume that local repair shops charge significantly less than the dealer for auto repair. While at times they certainly do; it’s not something one can bank on, nor compare – easily anyway. We have to consider what type of service, parts, and quality of […]

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Auto Repair – Is Your Mechanic Lying?

How do you know when your car repair costs are fair? There’s an old sales joke: How do you know when a salesman is lying? Answer: His lips are moving! Similarly, when a mechanic is chatting about your car trouble, he’s often embellishing. The reasons for this requires a separate eBook, but incompetence, profit motives, […]

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Auto Repair – Just How Much Fraud Is There?

There are still skeptics, but the following illustrates the depth of fraud? We received an inquiry from a reporter recently with one simple question – how much fraud is there? We thought we’d share our response here as well: You ask a great question. RepairTrust studies show that 98% of all car repair shops are […]

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Will Driving 55 MPH Save Gas?

If we slow down do we save MPG? In the current gas crisis, many are touting the benefits of auto maintenance, hybrid cars, and driving-style strategies. Some suggestions are better than others. One, however, is down right dangerous – Driving 55 MPH. Although a reduced driving speed does indeed save gas, there are three scenarios […]

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Auto Repair – Tire Tips

I recently replaced the tires on my wife’s minivan. I decided to try a local facility that looked like it had its act together – and they did specialize in tires. I did my research at my favorite online tire resource ( and picked out 4 Yokohamas. Tip – be very wary of what your […]

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