About RepairTrust

At RepairTrust we’re all about helping you save money on your car repair. Founded by Ted Olson, we’re a network of auto repair service professionals that work to help car repair customers save money on auto repair costs.

Over the past two decades, RepairTrust has developed step-by-step guides and car repair information that allow car owners to lower auto repair costs and avoid getting ripped-off.

We hold extensive certifications from such prestigious companies as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, General Motors, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and more.

The RepairTrust team is a voluntary network made up of industry experts that have served as technicians, shop foremen, shop managers, shop owners, service advisers, service managers, and industry consultants.

Our team members are focused on empowering the service customer to take control of car repair prices and save their hard earned money. RepairTrust’s eBooks and auto maintenance guides are designed for easy reading, and provide practical solutions to save on car repair.

RepairTrust’s goal is to accurately and completely inform the service customer about car repair prices, and to lead the way to fair and honest auto repair pricing.

We’re located in Massachusetts and have been helping car repair customers online since 2006.