Check Engine Light – Why Is It On?

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Auto Repair – Charging Too Much For Diagnostic Time

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Auto Repair – Not Getting What We Paid For

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Top 10 Ways To Get Your Car Fixed Right

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Should You Extend Your Car Warranty?

There are more and more advertisements these days telling us to extend our car warranty. The marketing pitches make it sound like we’ll never have to pay for car repair again. While extending a car warranty may make one feel better, it is, in many cases, a waste of money. Here are a few things to consider. Learn More

Auto Maintenance – What’s Your Repair Shop Telling You?

Auto maintenance can be a confusing endeavor. The most common questions are what needs to be done, and when – followed by how much? Most remember that oil changes are important, but auto maintenance service intervals differ greatly depending on model and year. Repair shops have an opportunity to help by guiding the car repair customer to follow a service schedule. Few shops actually do this. What they are doing is aiming for quick profit. They do this three ways. Learn More

Car Repair Shops – What Are They Charging Us For?

Car repair shops, service centers, and auto dealerships work very hard to make a profit from us. These days, especially in regards to car maintenance, they have to work harder and smarter. Today’s cars simply do not need what the cars of old did. Learn More

Auto Repair Scare Tactics That Cost You Money

The auto repair industry does a fantastic job at scaring car repair customers. Playing on fear is a common marketing tactic in many industries, but it’s very effective in the car business. The scare tactics are used all the time, but they’re especially noticeable during the winter season. Following are a few to watch out for, and will help us avoid spending money unnecessarily. Learn More

Auto Repair – Are You Being Lied To?

I was chatting with a friend about her car repair recently. She was excited that her service center thinks they finally found the problem with her car. When she told me the details, I realized that her auto repair shop was bending the truth, significantly, and charging her for repairs that didn’t actually address her original complaint. Here’s what happened. Learn More

Car Repair – How Accurate Is Your Auto Repair Estimate?

One of the most common terms that both car repair customers and service representatives use when discussing auto repair costs is “ball park” estimates. Rather than actually pin down a number, repair shops will often say “oh around $200-$300 bucks.” Customers sometimes ask for a ball park estimate, as if they don’t want to trouble their mechanic for an actual price. Learn More