Car Repair – Easiest Way to Save Money

While there are hundreds of strategies to save money on car repair, one is just so easy. Ask for it! That’s right. Just simply ask your auto repair shop to cut you a deal, give you a break, knock off a few bucks. Here are a few ways to do this successfully. Learn More

Auto Repair – Ask This Question To Save Money

Auto repair often costs us more than it has to thanks to some very minor oversights. A common example occurs during the process of diagnosing a vehicle’s particular concern. There are standard procedures to follow during auto repair diagnostics that repair shops may neglect due to ignorance, laziness, or from the day-to-day rush. How can we help? Learn More

Car Repair – Who Is Working On Your Car?

Quality car repair is extremely hard to find. More often than not, amateur technicians will be working on our cars. These mechanics may be well meaning, but they simply aren’t up to the task. RepairTrust studies reveal that only 30% of the time will a qualified auto repair technician be fixing your car. Learn More

Auto Repair Prices – Can You Trust Your Local Car Repair Shop?

I received a phone call from an upset friend who had a horrible experience at a local auto repair shop. He explained that he dropped off his SUV for three simple services: an oil change, some new wiper blades, and his rear wiper motor was not working. Upon arrival he was greeted warmly and told that they were expecting him. However, his repair shop did not set any price expectations, nor did he sign an auto repair estimate authorizing any work – everything went bad from this point. Learn More

Car Repair Prices – 7 Shocking Facts

Following is a list of the latest facts regarding car repair prices and common abuses by auto repair shops. This is far from exhaustive, but gives us an idea of the current state of the automotive industry and what little protection there is for the auto repair customer. Learn More

Auto Repair – Top Three Car Articles of All Time

RepairTrust has been writing auto repair articles, manuals, and guides since 2005. We’ve been working hard to provide the auto repair consumer an insider’s view of car repair service and detailed information of the auto industry. It’s always interesting to review and see which ones are most popular. Following are the top three articles… Learn More

Car Repair – Avoiding Repair Scams

To continue our voice of the technician series, here are some thoughts from an auto repair veteran describing another way to help ensure your car repair is on the up and up. (Edited for space and context) Learn More

Car Repair Prices – Holding Your Repair Shop Accountable

One of the most frustrating aspects of auto repair is wondering whether or not your car repair prices are fair. Few have access to, or the understanding of repair billing, and so have to rely on what the repair shop says. Here are a few tips that will help hold your mechanic accountable, lesson the chances for excess charges, and allow you to save a little money. Learn More

Car Repair Prices – Diagnostic Charges

One piece of advice we repeat over and over in regards to car repair prices is to ensure that you get it in writing? While this does not necessarily guarantee you won’t overpay for auto repair, an auto repair estimate does give you a break down of the charges (however confusing) to scrutinize. Learn More

Auto Repair – Choosing The Right Repair Shop

I’ve been speaking with some industry veterans who are out there fixing cars day in and day out. Some have complained that RepairTrust presents a slanted view of the auto repair industry and focuses too much on the negative. In an effort to ensure we provide the best information possible, we asked for their advice. The next few posts from RepairTrust will come straight from hands-on mechanics, running repair shops. Learn More