Auto Repair – Super Guarantee?

Super Pages is advertising that they can provide auto repair customers (among others) peace of mind with their Super Guarantee. Super Guarantee – Get the job done right, or we”ll make it right,* they say. The fine print indicated by that tiny little asterisk at the end of their tag line reveals a very different message, however. Learn More

Extended Car Warranty – Don’t Be Mislead

There’s a TV commercial extolling the benefits of an extended car warranty. It shows one client relaxing comfortably in the waiting room of his car repair shop (he has the auto extended warranty). Then there is another guy angry and frustated that he’ll have to pay for his auto repairs (he obviously doesn’t have an extended plan). What’s interesting is that the commercial repeatedly states that, with the warranty, the repair is free. This is a tad misleading… Learn More

Auto Repair Estimates – Predatory Practices

When we get an auto repair estimate how do we know that it was done properly? Was it calculated according to manufacturer specifications and industry guidelines? The short answer is probably not. Manufacturer specifications and industry standards are not only not adhered to, but they are interpreted differently from repair shop to repair shop. Learn More

Auto Repair Scams – 5 Short Videos You Must Watch!

Since 2005 RepairTrust has been shedding light on the dark side of auto repair. With decades of study and analysis, we’ve argued that 98% of all car repair shops (including dealers, independents, and franchises) overcharge you at some point. A couple years back we were highlighting this with some car repair videos on our web site and blog.
Learn More

Car Repair Prices – How Much Are You Being Overcharged?

Car repair prices fluctuate from repair shop to repair shop and car to car. Knowing if you were fairly charged can be very difficult to determine. Even online auto repair estimates miss the mark – often by hundreds of dollars. What makes it harder is that when you are overcharged it’s not for the hundreds or thousands of dollars we hear about in the news, but rather a little at a time, and over an extended period. Learn More

Auto Repair – Who Can You Trust?

I received a postcard from an auto repair shop that I’ve visited on occasion. It stated that my vehicle needed service. While I was impressed by the professionalism and proactive approach, it made me think. First, how do they know my vehicle needs these services? Second, and more importantly – should I trust an auto repair shop to dictate my car repair – my vehicle’s maintenance? Learn More

Auto Repair Service: Free Multi-Point Inspections

Have you ever wondered why an auto repair shop would include a free “multi-point vehicle inspection” when your car’s in for auto repair service? There are two primary reasons. The first is marketing. Repair shops are attempting to build value and to entice you to service with them. The second is they’re looking for work – literally. They’re hoping to find a problem, which they can then fix for you – not for free. Learn More

Veteran Cop Catches Auto Repair Shop Red-Handed

We received an email from a 30-year law enforcement officer who described so much of the dark side of car repair we had to retell the story here. Here’s what happened. A local repair shop attempted to charge him hundreds of dollars for an unnecessary repair. It started when his vehicle’s check engine light had come on. He then proceeded to describe many of the lies common during auto repair service. Learn More

Car Repair – What Services Are Needed For Winter?

As the cold weather approaches you’ll notice a host of car repair advertisements for special services needed for your car during the winter months. These Winter Specials will generally include an oil change, miscellaneous checks, and possibly a fuel injection service. Do you need these services…? Learn More

Auto Repair Coupons – Are You Really Saving Money?

A local car repair shop’s coupon insert in a local paper stated “Fall Money Savers”. It was a professional looking design loaded with savings on auto repair services. However, out of the 8 coupons, 5 were designed just to get you in the door, 2 services would never be needed, and 1 was a service they made up. Learn More