Auto Repair – Super Guarantee?

Super Pages is advertising that they can provide auto repair customers (among others) peace of mind with their Super Guarantee. Super Guarantee – Get the job done right, or we”ll make it right,* they say. The fine print indicated by that tiny little asterisk at the end of their tag line reveals a very different message, however.

To be clear, I have no personal gripe with Super Pages. Their commercial just happened to show someone typing in “auto repair” into the search bar – my area of expertise – so I decided to investigate.

The TV ad shows images of helpful car repair people such as a tow truck driver, as well as grateful consumers – grateful because they’ve finally found someone they can trust. In essence, they’re telling us that we don’t have to worry if we select a service provider that has the Super Guarantee logo next to their Super Pages advertisement. Super Pages has done all the work to protect us.

This is just not possible.

The actual Super Guarantee terms and conditions reveals that the program will do very little for you – the auto repair customer. It states:

…we make no representations or warranties to you relating to (i) the services provided to you by a SuperGuarantee Service Provider or any service provider you may engage to correct any problem with the services of the SuperGuarantee Service Provider…

In other words, it’s not any kind of binding car warranty.

What’s interesting is that the commercial goes out of its way to suggest that they will relieve all our worries, but they do not pre-screen or review any of the companies that participate in the program.

Here’s another excerpt from the terms and conditions:

No Pre-Screening or Endorsement of SuperGuarantee Service Providers. We have not checked, prescreened or otherwise selected, and we do not endorse or recommend the services of, any SuperGuarantee Service Provider.

What do you get from the Super Guarantee? The bottom line is that you “might” be able to redeem $500 if you were unhappy, provided you do all the investigative work and can prove the work is substandard. Hopefully your car repairs aren’t $2,500 or a $10, 000 new roof for your home.

There’s nothing wrong with aggressive marketing, but it has to be backed up. It has to have substance. Super Pages crossed the line on this one. Their Super Guarantee amounts to an advertising gimmick to increase revenue with it’s service providers – it does little to nothing for you – the service consumer. It would be intersting to know the payout rate…guessing it’s less than 1%.

~ Ted



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