Auto Repair – Choosing The Right Repair Shop

I’ve been speaking with some industry veterans who are out there fixing cars day in and day out. Some have complained that RepairTrust presents a slanted view of the auto repair industry and focuses too much on the negative. In an effort to ensure we provide the best information possible, we asked for their advice. The next few posts from RepairTrust will come straight from hands-on mechanics, running repair shops.

We asked what they would suggest to the car repair customer to ensure they’re selecting the right auto repair service facility.

The following comes from a professional technician. [Edited for space]

I’m from a second generation, family-run, independant auto repair shop. The first thing you need to know about choosing a repair shop is to ask your freinds and neighbors where they get their repairs done. Ask if they’re happy. Their word of mouth means a lot.

Stop by the location and look around. Are the repair shop bays clean? Is the waiting area clean? Walk into the waiting area of any good shop and you should be greeted with “Hi, how can I help you?” Tell the person who greets you that you’re looking for a good repair shop. They will be glad to spend a few minutes to let you know what they are all about.

I give my new customers a one-time tour of the facilites (insurance regulations in our state forbids customers in the service area). After you have checked out the place you will know if it feels right and fits your needs. Dont be afraid to ask questions such as – do they offer loaner cars, and if they’ll pick up and return your vehicle to your home.

Most of all, don’t get caught up in the “Joe’s garage mentality,” and think you’re getting a good deal becuase it’s cheap. There is no such thing as cheap auto repair! You wouldn’t eat where you know the food is horrible just becuase it’s cheap, would you? Cheap is not the route to go – you’ll get what you pay for. I hope this helps.

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