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I recently replaced the tires on my wife’s minivan. I decided to try a local facility that looked like it had its act together – and they did specialize in tires. I did my research at my favorite online tire resource ( and picked out 4 Yokohamas. Tip – be very wary of what your repair shop recommends for tires – do your research! Don’t just have them install what they have in stock – unless they’re good tires, of course.

I let the local auto repair shop sell me the tires, as by the time I had them shipped and installed – it just wasn’t worth the savings, which was minimal – plus I don’t mind letting shops make money – I made money for 20 years in the auto repair industry.

Prior to the work, I negotiated free installation (mounting and balancing), free disposal, free valve stems, a discounted alignment, and free nitrogen inflation. Tip – you can almost always negotiate auto service.

They did the work for a fair price and got it done when they said they would. That these two things were achieved at all was a miracle. However, they did screw up…

They put the wrong wheel weights on! Wheel weights are those little aluminum things they bang on to the outside edge of our rims to balance our tires. This may seem like a minor point, but it bugs the hell out of me.

Here’s why:

  1. The wrong wheel weights look like crap
  2. They fit poorly, and thus actually scratch the protective coating on the aluminum rims
  3. The scratched areas will corrode my rims, contribute to tire leaks, and make my shiny rims dull
  4. The weights don’t fit securely and can fall off, causing vibration, and requiring me to have my wheels balanced again and/or prematurely. A wheel weight that falls off while driving can also chip the paint on my fender.
  5. Did I mention they look like crap? 🙂

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  1. John Doyle says:

    OO no that could be a problem with the wrong weights lol

  2. Burt Brothers says:

    It is important to become knowledgeable of your car parts especially the tires. This is the common problem that drivers experienced on the road. Choosing the right type of tire for your car will make your life hassle free.

    • Thanks for your note! Although tires, while important, do not necessarily make one’s life “hassle free” 🙂

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