Car Repair – Easiest Way to Save Money

While there are hundreds of strategies to save money on car repair, one is just so easy. Ask for it! That’s right. Just simply ask your auto repair shop to cut you a deal, give you a break, knock off a few bucks. Here are a few ways to do this successfully.

First, if you’re getting a bunch of work done, such as some general car maintenance, front brakes, and a new battery. This can easily retail for $1,000. Ask your repair shop if they can do it for $750. The conversation might go like this.

Shop guy: “Ah mam, yes you need a bit of work. Would you like us to take care of this today?”

You: How much will it cost?

Shop guy: $1000 – parts, tax, and labor

You: Really, wow! That’s a lot! Is there anything you can do to help on the price?

Shop guy: Well, I may be able to save you 10%

You: Well, that helps, but if you can do it for $750 in total, you have a deal.

Another thing you can leverage is past service (e.g., I’ve spent a lot with you guys in the past. As a loyal customer can you extend a discount?). There are any number of ways to negotiate a better price, but be confident in your approach. Don’t ask timidly. Ask boldly. Be nice, always be nice.

The reality is that repair shops have a lot of margin. They can easily extend a discount and still make a hefty profit. To learn more “in-depth” ways to save, as well as some insider secrets to prices on car repair check out our eBooks at Auto Repair Prices

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  1. They ll likely be able to give you some solid options, and there s nothing like hearing first-hand experience to help you pick a good mechanic. Finding someone you re comfortable taking your car to before you leave the house—or before you need something fixed—will go along way.

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