Car Repair Prices – 7 Shocking Facts

Following is a list of the latest facts regarding car repair prices and common abuses by auto repair shops. This is far from exhaustive, but gives us an idea of the current state of the automotive industry and what little protection there is for the auto repair customer.

FACT: Studies show that most people simply don’t realize how much they were overcharged for even basic auto maintenance and repairs

FACT: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that auto service customers are scammed tens of billions of dollars every year

FACT: Auto repair shops top consumer complaint lists every year on multiple continents

FACT: Car repair estimates are designed to hide the true charges for your auto repairs

FACT: Part prices are frequently billed higher than MSRP – both OEM and aftermarket parts

FACT: Labor costs are grossly exaggerated. $100 per hour can equal $150, despite the posted shop labor rate

FACT: Government data, multiple studies, undercover sting operations, and consumer advocate groups reveal that up to 98% of all car repair customers pay too much for auto repair

This is the reality in which we live. Fortunately, much can be done. For more information about car repair prices and how you can save your money visit Auto Repair Costs

~ Ted



  1. Taylor Hicken says:

    Wow, it’s interesting to see that auto service customers could be scammed billions of dollars every year. Although I don’t know if that could be completely true. My brother is always getting into trouble, and now we have to repair our car again. I just hope that it doesn’t make my mom more stressed with the bills and her working two jobs.

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