Car Repair – Who Is Working On Your Car?

Quality car repair is extremely hard to find. More often than not, amateur technicians will be working on our cars. These mechanics may be well meaning, but they simply aren’t up to the task. RepairTrust studies reveal that only 30% of the time will a qualified auto repair technician be fixing your car.

Training mechanics has historically been an afterthought in the car industry. While there is much more emphasis on training today, it’s likely too little too late.

New technology continues to outpace the skills and knowledge of today’s auto mechanics. Some repair shops are still battling with computer diagnostics from the 1990s. As we head into 2012 and beyond, these technicians are faced with highly advanced computer systems on wheels, as well as hybrid and electric cars. This isn’t just new technology, it’s new mechanical theory.

I wish I could say the industry is ready – it’s not.

I recently interviewed a veteran auto repair trainer at a prestigious repair training facility. I asked him if his students are ready for the challenges that will come with fixing today’s cars. He laughed and said: “A 1/3 of the students are good. Another 1/3 is average and could improve with help. The final 1/3 is wasting space.”

Regretfully, this doesn’t leave much hope, as even the 1/3 that could improve with help, will be entering an environment that does little to “nurture.”

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your car fixed right the first time, the above is one piece of the puzzle.

By Ted


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