Is The Dealer More Expensive For Auto Repair?

Do dealers charge higher car repair prices? There are many who assume that local repair shops charge significantly less than the dealer for auto repair. While at times they certainly do; it’s not something one can bank on, nor compare – easily anyway.

We have to consider what type of service, parts, and quality of workmanship we are getting for our money at a local repair shop.

For example, a local shop can easily under-price a dealer by using aftermarket parts. However,these parts may be inferior and actually cost us more money in the long run.

During a recent interview, a woman stated that she called her dealership for a quote for front brake pads and rotors. Since the price from her local service center was the same, she had the local shop do the work. She was happy that, in her mind, she got a fair deal. But did she…?

What really happened was that the local repair shop used inferior aftermarket disc brake pads and rotors. Even though the labor rate was less, and the parts were less, she paid the same price as a dealer. A dealer would have had a certified technician install factory parts. Instead, she got inferior parts installed by some local guy.

Her repairs may not necessarily be unsafe. The parts may work fine. However, does it make sense (for the same money) to do this? Did this woman get a good value? No – she got ripped-off. The local repair shop marked up the parts and labor beyond reason.

What do you think?


What Do You Think?