Veteran Cop Catches Auto Repair Shop Red-Handed

We received an email from a 30-year law enforcement officer who described so much of the dark side of car repair we had to retell the story here. Here’s what happened. A local repair shop attempted to charge him hundreds of dollars for an unnecessary repair. It started when his vehicle’s check engine light had come on. He then proceeded to describe many of the lies common during auto repair service.

He received a quote for $389.00 to diagnose and replace an evaporator pump. This was “definitely the problem,” the shop stated. However, the auto repair shop would not give him a breakdown of the bill – this is a big red flag. If you are not provided with an itemized invoice of the parts, taxes, labor, and miscellaneous charges – go somewhere else. The policeman said no thanks and walked away. Upon leaving they said they could provide a discount of $50.00. He declined. Then they said they’d drop the price to $299.00.

Now he knew something was up! He took his vehicle to another shop. They found that the gas cap was loose – that’s it. No parts needed replacing, no diagnostics were needed, and certainly the $389.00 was not required.

That this happened is not surprising. We’ve been monitoring similar auto repair scams for decades. To be fair, it is possible that the mechanics made a mistake. They thought it needed a certain part and proceeded accordingly. Mistakes like this happen all the time. However, this is unlikely given that checking the gas cap is step one with these types of auto repairs. That they would not provide the proper paperwork suggests that they were hiding something.

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~ Ted


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