Auto Repair Scam Facts

High car repair prices are becoming the norm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that automotive service consumers are scammed tens of billions of dollars every year. Repair shops—dealerships, local shops, and franchises—are repeatedly at the top of consumer complaint lists every year.

Multiple undercover investigations have caught auto repair centers red-handed ripping people off. Government agencies across the nation warn against service center repair scams—including Alaska. Australia lists car repair scams at number 4 on their top 10 Consumer Complaint List.

Consumer advocate groups constantly provide tips and suggestions to avoid getting ripped-off. Service industry insiders repeatedly step forward to expose service industry abuses.

Study after study reveals that auto service centers are manipulating industry guidelines, billing excessive auto repair costs. RepairTrust studies have found that 98% of all auto repair shops are ripping people off.

While the above facts reveal the prevalence of car repair scams, the bulk of auto repair rip-offs go unnoticed. Service customers simply have no idea if they were charged fairly or not. Most customers leave actually thanking their service representative when they should be questioning the bill.

Auto service centers are quick to protest, shouting, “We’re honest and fair.” Yet, when questioned on their billing practices they don’t know, follow, or even understand established guidelines.

If they don’t know the rules, then how are they playing the game?

The answer is simple: they often bend or make the rules up based on loose interpretations of industry guidelines. Loose interpretations allow for a plethora of pricing abuses. Is it any wonder every state has warnings about car repair costs and car repair scams.

RepairTrust does recognize that some service facilities may bill appropriately. In other words, there are some auto repair shops working to help the car repair customer. The evidence, again, however, does not reflect our recognition.