Car Repair Estimates

Find a car repair estimate. Below is a list of Online Auto Repair Estimates. Check to see if your vehicle and particular car repair estimate is listed below.

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Auto Repair Estimates:

Acura Legend – water pump and timing belt

Audi A4 – water pump and thermostat

Buick – cooling system flush

Cadillac Fleetwood – fuel pump

Chevy Blazer – fuel pump

Chevy Cavalier – head gasket

Chevy Corsica – ignition coils and wires

Chevy Monte Carlo – head gasket

Chevy Suburban, Tahoe – a/c evaporator core

Chrysler LHS – cv joints

Chrysler Town and Country – front struts

Chrysler Town and Country – a/c evaporator core

Dodge Intrepid – timing chain

Dodge Intrepid – ignition switch

Dodge Neon – water pump and timing belt

Dodge Stealth – valve seals

Dodge Stratus – timing chain

Ford Contour – head gasket

Ford Contour – steering rack

Ford Escape – timing belt

Ford Explorer – front brakes

Ford Explorer – a/c evaporator core

Ford F-150 – front and rear shocks

Ford Focus – intake manifold

Ford Mustang – fuel pump

Ford Windstar – brakes

GMC 1500 – oxygen sensor

GMC Jimmy – water pump

GMC Sierra – water pump

GMC Yukon – ball joints

GMC Yukon – water pump

Honda Accord – rear brakes and master cylinder

Honda Accord – ignition lock cylinder

Honda Civic – drive belts

Honda Del Sol – brakes

Infiniti I30t – drive belts

Jaguar – ignition coils

Jeep Cherokee – catalytic converter

Jeep Liberty – a/c compressor

Lincoln Town Car – intake manifold

Mazda 626 – drive belts

Mazda Protege – used engine replacement

Mazda Protege – catalytic converter

Mazda Miata – radiator and thermostat

Mercedes-Benz 190E – ball joints

Mitsubishi Eclipse – clutch

Mitsubishi Outlander – timing belt

Nissan Maxima – disc brakes

Nissan Pathfinder – water pump and timing belt

Nissan Pick Up – replace transmission