Car Repair FAQ

RepairTrust’s goal is to help you save money on auto repairs.  Following are some frequent car repair questions that we’ve collected and listed below.

Our FAQ is focused toward this end versus technical discussions. We hope these help!

General Car Repair Info:
How often should I change my oil?

Why is my check engine light on?

Who’s better – dealerships or local shops?

How common are repair scams?

Do I need an Extended Warranty?

What’s the best car to drive?

Do I need to Winterize my car?

What does my car need for vehicle maintenance?

How do I know if my repair charges are fair?

Questions regarding RepairTrust eBooks, Guides, and Information:
Why would I need the information offered by RepairTrust?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve found an auto service center that is truly honest, never overcharges, and has your best interest at hand. Please contact us and tell us about this, as we’re always fascinated by extraterrestrial encounters. Seriously, you are being overcharged for auto repair costs. Maybe not always, but eventually you’ll get bit. Study after study reveals that auto repair price-gouging is industry wide. Investigations have found that 98% of ALL repair facilities are abusing established industry guidelines, charging excessive car repair prices. Tens of billions of dollars are scammed annually. Some estimates are as high as $40 billion. Car repair shops are repeatedly at the top of consumer complaint lists every year, and every state warns against auto repair scams. RepairTrust offers multiple solutions to help you, the car repair customer, to take control of car repair prices and avoid getting ripped off.

Is the information in your eBooks really helpful?

Absolutely! Not only will you save hundreds, potentially thousands in car repairs (repeatedly), you will posses the truth about auto repair prices. RepairTrust empowers you to take control of your car repair prices. We’re so confident that you’ll find the information in our eBooks  such an incredible and valuable resource that we offer a 100%, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee! It’s that simple.

My local service center is great. Am I really getting ripped off?

Overcharging for auto repairs is deeply ingrained in the infrastructure of the automotive service industry. Unfortunately, the mechanic you have trusted the longest is likely ripping you off the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Triple AAA, or ASE certified shop. 98% of all repair facilities price-gouge. News, consumer watchdog groups, and local governments confirm these findings as well. Don’t worry though – we can help.

How much will it cost to fix my car?

This is a great question, and the most common! The answer is not simple. Online auto repair estimates are not accurate so they don’t offer much help with the actual reality of car repair. The answers are found in our eBooks and guides.

RepairTrust makes sweeping claims against the car repair industry. How does it support such claims?

The evidence for car repair scams is overwhelming. Investigations by RepairTrust, combined with consumer group studies, government data, and insider information are the primary sources. For further information and evidence check out our eBooks.