Car Repair Help: Car Held Hostage By Mechanics

The following real-life event is not all that uncommon. While your car may not be tied up for 5 months as described below, it may be delayed a number of days or weeks due to technician error and/or incompetence.

One recent conversation we had with a client involved her car being “held hostage” for three days while the mechanic (perhaps trying his best) fumbled along without any conclusive diagnoses.

Here’s the article:

Mechanic Keeps Car For Five Months

You take your car to a mechanic, you expect it to be fixed and be on your way. But a local mechanic kept one woman’s car for months, until she turned to the FOX23 Solving Problem’s Team for help.

The Cadillac that Mary Stelle’s brother bought for her is what she prefers, “My husband died a year and a half ago and my brother is trying to take care of me… so he bought me a car for my birthday and paid cash and bought an extended warranty.”

But after a few months, the car had transmission problems so she headed back to the dealership that sold the car and warranty, Muskogee County Auto Sales.

That dealership held her car for five months! Stelle says, “It’s one excuse after another, first he didn’t have a mechanic and then he ordered the wrong transmission, then a mechanic had it at his house.”

With no way to get around, Mary had to buy a second car, “It was all I had in savings to buy the other car, but I had to have another car. I’m very angry, it’s not right. Those people or this man would not allow something like this to happen to his wife or his mother.”

Mary asked us to help, so we paid a visit to the dealership in Muskogee.

Kirk Freeman at Muskogee County Auto Sales admitted the repairs took way too long, “First the parts didn’t fit, the water pump didn’t fit so after getting all the parts right… I even did the water pump myself.”

Freeman told us he’ll get the repairs done as fast as possible. He promised us the car would be ready the next week.

So a week later we showed up with Mary. Finally after five months she got her car back.

The dealership says repairs there do not usually take several months. Freeman told FOX23 News many repairs take less than a week.

To help you find a good mechanic, ask friends or relatives for recommendations.

You can also check out a mechanic’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

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