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The following articles will show you hundreds of ways you can save money on auto repairs, easily. You can also protect yourself against predatory auto repair tactics associated with so many car repairs, parts, labor estimates, and auto maintenance.

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Car Repair Prices

Ask a Mechanic: Car Repair Prices and Auto Repair Estimates
If you were handed an estimate to replace a water pump on your car, would you know if the price was fair? Could you trust the price? How about for a tie rod end, mass air flow sensor, or an evaporator emissions sensor? Most of us don’t know what these are, never mind the price. Yet it is components such as these that are commonly used to over charge you, the car repair customer.

Car Repair Prices – 5 Ways To Save
Despite all the unethical practices in the auto repair business, sometimes excess car repair prices are our own fault. See how to avoid some common mistakes.

Car Repair Prices: Are Manufacturers to Blame for Higher Auto Repair Costs?
Often our first thoughts are to blame our mechanics and repair shops (rightfully so) for the outrageous car repair costs, but we can’t forget about the manufacturers’ role either.

Auto Repair Average Costs
The following article highlights the resistance by the auto repair industry to standardize car repair prices. In an enlightening email exchange, see for yourself how the auto repair industry wants to dictate car repair costs.

Car Repair Help: Car Held Hostage By Mechanics
The following “real life” event is not all that uncommon. While your car may not be tied up for 5 months as described in this article, it may be delayed a number of days or weeks due to technician error and/or incompetence.

Car Repair Prices: Should I Go to the Dealer or My Local Guy?
There is lots of advice on where to service one’s vehicle. Many argue that local shops are best, and that you only need to go to the dealer for warranty work and recalls. Others state that dealers are the real experts even though they’re expensive. These arguments are interesting, but do little to clarify the myths and facts of dealership service versus local shop service.

Car Repair Prices: Who Charges More, Dealers or Local Shops?
Many think that dealerships are so much more expensive than local shops. While this is true for a variety of legitimate reasons, local shops are no angels. You’re just as likely to get ripped-off from the local guy who has been fixing your car for decades.

Car Repair Prices: Avoid Getting Ripped-Off
How does one navigate the dark underworld of automotive service with all its deceptive tactics and price-gouging? How does one battle such a huge monster as the automotive service industry?

Car Repair Prices: 10 Things You NEVER Say to Your Mechanic
Common everyday chit chat with your service representative is costing you a fortune. Just the facts mam. Just like in poker, we never want to reveal our hand.

Car Repair Prices: Why an Oil Change is NEVER Just an Oil Change
If oil change specials, which range from $15.95 to $29.95, produce very low ROI for the service center, then why do so many service facilities advertise oil change specials?

Car Repair Scams

Auto Repair – Charging for Convenience Despite Necessity
The auto repair industry charges for convenience. In other words, you could and should be able to get your car repaired for less – sometimes lots less – but because you broke down here and not there, you pay more.

Auto Repair Costs – The Worst Time of Year For Car Repair
Are there specific times during the year when you’re more likely to get ripped-off? The short answer is yes! Car repair costs increase during the months of…

Single Mother Needs Help With Car Repairs
This article demonstrates what so many auto repair customers (including single moms) have to do to avoid getting ripped off.

Car Repair Scams: Why Traditional Prevention Tips Aren’t Enough
Traditional rip-off prevention tips don’t work in today’s service centers. There is too much under the surface that few discuss, and even fewer understand…

Car Repair: Old Lady Gets Taken For $1500
An elderly woman brought her car to a local dealership because her interior lights didn’t work. A few hours later, the woman got a call from her service advisor. He explained to her in detail that they had encountered a difficult electrical problem, and…

Car Repair Prices: Jiving the Talk, Jacking the Price
The automotive service industry is growing up. It’s learning fancy words to embellish basic services in order to charge more money for the same or less work.

Car Repair Scams: What Would Jesus Do?
Car repair scams are so blatant, yet little is being done. In this amusing article, we attempt to highlight RepairTrust’s mission against some very hostile folks at times. So…what would Jesus do?

Vehicle Maintenance, Automobile Maintenance, Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Costs: What Really Needs to Get Done to Fix Your Car
This article highlights the massive price discrepancies for even a simple 30,000-mile car maintenance schedule.

Auto Repair Costs – Should I Change My Oil Every 3,000 Miles?
For decades mechanics have been telling us to change our oil every 3,000 miles. Interestingly, no automotive manufacturer agrees with this maintenance schedule – not in the last 20 years any way. So why are we being told to change our oil every 3,000 miles if it’s unnecessary?

Do You Need To Winterize Your Car?
For years we’ve all been told to get our cars ready for the winter. Is it still necessary? What preparations are “actually” required.

Auto Repair: The Top Ten Mistakes Made by Your Mechanic
Auto mechanics should be required to take an Hippocratic oath. “I swear to do no harm. I will not be ashamed to say I know not. Nor will I fail to call on my colleagues when the skills of another could actually fix the freaking car, or at least not make it any worse!”

Auto Repair: How Can They Screw Up an Oil Change?
Why do so many car repairs get screwed up? What are they doing? What’s going on under the hood, and behind the closed doors of an auto service center?

Pre Road Trip Car Maintenance
Taking a road trip is stressful enough without having to worry about your car. There are some simple things that can be done to ensure a safe and successful trip.

10 Rules About Snow Tires?
With all of today’s all-wheel-drive technology, it raises many questions regarding the necessity of snow tires. Do we really need them? Following are some rules that will help get us on the right track.

Fuel Injection Services, Myths and Facts
High gas prices have made fuel injection services quite popular today. But are they worth it? Are they part of regular auto maintenance?

Volkswagen Reset Engine Service Light
Check engine lights, engine service lights, and any warning light for that matter is frustrating. Check engine light help…

Auto Repair Prices: The Escalation of Car Repair Scams

The Acceleration of Car Repair Prices
Ripping people off in the automotive service industry is nothing new. The last few decades of technological advancements has created so much confusion. It has opened wide the door for car repair scams.

Auto Repair Scam Facts
This article highlights the latest evidence for auto repair scams. The evidence is overwhelming and startling…

98% of ALL Repair Shops Are Ripping You Off
Price-gouging (charging excessive car repair prices) is an accepted practice in the automotive service industry. It’s so ingrained that many service personal don’t realize they’re ripping you off. They’re just doing what has always been done.

Top 10 Justifications Mechanics Use When Ripping You Off
Mechanics hate to admit it, but they continually rationalize excessive charges. They’ll go to great lengths to justify over charging us. This article takes you inside the minds of today’s mechanics.

There Are No Honest Mechanics
Despite all the available tips and suggestions to save money on car repair, few actually work. What can you do…?

The Truth About Automotive Service Managers
Service managers wield incredible power and influence in the service industry; yet, they lack even the basic skills of business management to keep you from getting ripped-off.

Getting Your Car Fixed Right The First Time
Can’t get your car fixed right? Of course you can’t! 70% of the technicians lack the necessary qualifications. But you’ll pay top dollar to have an amateur poke and prod your vehicle.

Auto Sales Auto Service: Who Rips You Off More, Sales or Service?
The automotive industry is full of scam artists. But who rips you off more? Sales or service? Can one tread safely in either?