Car Repair Scams: What Would Jesus Do?

In the process of writing about the auto repair industry and exposing car repair scams, I have received some hate mail. Most of these state that I’m crazy or paranoid, or that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Others involve more general ranting. One, however, stated that I was a scammer. Essentially, this person thinks that I am using scam tactics to sell eBooks which expose scam tactics.

As a backdrop, here is a small sample of the facts that I have been stating:

  • 98% of all repair shops are abusing car repair pricing guidelines
  • Repair scams cost consumers an estimated 40 billion dollars every year
  • Repair shops are at the top of consumer complaint lists every year

In response to this accusation, I wrote a nice long e-mail explaining my position, my background, and how I obtained my information. I also wrote how I can understand one’s skepticism of such claims, and I referred to numerous articles and web sites for supporting documentation.

I wasn’t able to send the e-mail, however, as the return address was bogus. That’s frustrating! I have no qualms with accusations, but please, stand up and make your case. Don’t leave a bag of dog crap on my porch, ring the bell, and then run away.

I appreciate criticism. I understand its value. I’m willing to listen. To call me a scammer just insults me and my mission…so, what would Jesus do?

To figure out what would Jesus do, I’m going to attempt an analogy between my mission and Jesus’.

Jesus was making (to most first century Jews’ ears) outrageous claims. At the same time, others were amazed at his work.

I have been making outrageous claims (to some peoples’ ears) while at the same time impressing many others.

So far so good….

The Jews argued that Jesus was using the power of the devil to perform his miracles (drive out demons, heal the sick…etc).

According to the “scammer” email, I am using the power of scam tactics to expose car repair scams.

Before continuing, the obvious flaw in logic in the above accusation must be pointed out. Jesus said it best: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” So what would Jesus do about the prevalence of car repair scams?

In short, Jesus would go for the throat. He’d point directly at the injustice, and then pierce the heart of those charging people excessive car repair prices.

Jesus’ example was followed by his right-hand man, Peter. Peter also made “outrageous” claims such as “Jesus is the son of God”…etc. He was irritating the hell out of the religious authorities. When they told him to stop, he essentially said “Bite me…in a nice way.”

I too will be nice to my opposition.

To the skeptics, I would suggest that they heed the words of Gamaliel, a first century Jew and teacher of the law—a man honored by all the people. In response to the apostles’ “outrageous” claims, Gamaliel said:

“…Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

Time will tell what the mission of RepairTrust will produce. What is known is that since its inception it has saved car repair customers tens of $1000’s of dollars in auto repair costs. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll stay the course.

~ Ted Olson