How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Car Insurance: How Much Does It Cost

How much is car insurance? What are average car insurance rates?

The fact that people don’t have a choice whether or not they are going to purchase auto insurance leaves some folks thinking that they’re stuck paying whatever they’re told to pay. Not so – you can save a lot…

For starters, you may live in an area where average car insurance rates are lower than the national average so you can get a lower rate. But there are lots of other reasons…

How Much Is Car Insurance?
In order for a car insurance company to determine how much they are going to charge each client, they will ask applicants several questions. With the answers, they will then set up a risk profile. Some people will fall into a high risk category and pay higher rates. Others will be relatively low risks and get lower rates.

In the US, the national average car insurance rates are $1,485 for the year. Here are some factors that will effect what you will pay for auto insurance.

Your Driving Record
When people get tickets for moving violations, they receive points on their driving records. The more number of points means the difference between being considered a dangerous driver and a good driver. Good drivers with low points pay less. Drivers with a lot of points pay more.

Your Age
Statistically, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 cause most of the accidents on the highways and roads. 35% percent of these crashes occurred due to speeding. 20% percent happened from not yielding the right of way to other drivers. 15% of these collisions were caused by illegal turns. In short, if you’re young, you’re in a higher risk category and will pay more for car insurance.

Your Gender
If you’re male looking for motor car insurance, you’ll pay more. Yes – gender matters. Males are more likely to take the greatest risks when driving, especially when they have teenage passengers in the car with them. The risk taking inherent in youth is a factor that equates to higher insurance costs.

How Many Miles Driven
The more you drive, the more you’re at risk of an accident – simple math.

Your Location
The price of motor car insurance can also be affected by whether or not the vehicle is driven in a rural or an urban area. A rural area has fewer cars on the roads. Fewer cars means there is less chance of a collision. This equates to lower car insurance rates.

As you can see there are a number of factors in determining how much car insurance costs. A female with a good driving record over the age of 25 who only drives 10,000 miles per year in a rural area will pay a lot less than a teenage boy in New York City who racks up 25,000 miles per year and has had several accidents.