New and Used Car Buying

New and Used Car Buying

Many times the car repair cost is just too high given the value of your vehicle. In this case investing in another vehicle is the route to go. There are some great car sales informational sites that are worth a visit to help determine the best cars to buy.

Don’t feel as though you have to buy new, however. The following lists are wonderful resources to help you find a quality pre-owned vehicle, or new.

Without hesitation, is the first stop. The next stop is and are the premier sites to price new and used vehicles, compare models, check out interior and exterior photos. You can locate vehicles for sale near you, and a host of other sales-related information: leasing, financing, credit ..etc. Whether buying or selling, they’re both great resources.

To do further research has great advice on buying a new or used car, as does Kelly Blue Book and NADA – just be wary of the prices on these sites, including Edmunds, as they can be $1000’s of dollars off market value and from one to the other. For some great articles on this, go to used car prices

Also visit or They’re the same company. Just pick the site you like working with. They’re all owned by Autobytel Inc., including among others…

If you have definitely decided on buying new, below are some makes to consider:

New Car Buying (American)

New Car Buying (Asian)

New Car Buying (European)

Finally, there are auctions and auto brokerage firms. I have always gotten the best deals at auctions. They can be a bit anxiety producing, but the savings and the thrill are often worth it. Auto brokers are hit or miss. Auction registration fees apply, and cost around $35. The fees are usually a one-time charge after which your access is unlimited to a host of products.

Big note: auction cars will need work. If you’re not experienced at hand-picking cars, leave it to the professionals, and factor in the auto repair costs to your budget.

Good luck!

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