Pre Road Trip Car Maintenance

Provided you follow a factory Routine Auto Maintenance Schedule, getting ready for a road trip is pretty simple…

Here’s what to do:

  • Clean your car inside and out—windows too! Cleaning your car is a great way to get to know it. For example, you may notice worn tires or a broken lamp.
  • Set tire pressures to factory specifications. Adjust tire pressures according to your owner’s manual (including the spare tire), especially if you are hauling significant weight.
  • Check the fluids, belts and hoses—with most of today’s cars, these can be checked quickly with a peek under the hood.
  • Test all your wiper blades to ensure they’re cleaning well. Replace as needed.
  • Check all your exterior lights, including fog lamps as applicable.
  • If you’re close to your next scheduled vehicle maintenance, get it done.

Important: if you bring your car in for service, your mechanic does not need to know you’re taking a trip. Sad as it is, “taking a trip” is often used to take advantage of service customers. Check out 10 Things You NEVER SAY to Your Mechanic for more information.