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If you’re among the hundreds of thousands who visit us wondering if you’re paying too much for auto repair service, or if your worried your auto repair shop is not being honest, or if you simply don’t trust your car repair estimate, we can help.

You don’t need any car repair background. We’ll show you how to answer…

  • Are your car repair prices fair?
  • Is your auto repair estimate accurate?
  • Is your repair shop telling you the truth?

RepairTrust is a network of individuals who have been collaborating and monitoring the car repair industry for decades – from the inside. This information is then used to help you, the car repair customer, protect yourself and save money.

Consider these 6 facts:

  1. The NHTSA estimates that car repair customers are scammed tens of billions of dollars every year – despite this fact from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most car repair customers are unaware of just how widespread car repair scams are.
  2. Auto repair shops are repeatedly at the top of consumer complaint lists every year – another interesting fact that many ignore and think, “That can’t be.” Or, “My auto mechanic is great.” Unfortunately, the facts show otherwise. Even the guy you’ve known for years may be ripping you off – we can help!
  3. Multiple undercover investigations have caught auto repair centers red-handed ripping people off – news organizations repeatedly prove that auto service centers are blatantly overcharging for car repair. It can happen to you.
  4. Most people don’t realize they were overcharged for even basic auto maintenance – it’s stunning to review maintenance services from car repair centers that were, in many cases, made up. In other words, the cars did not need all or a portion of the services rendered.
  5. Car repair estimates often hide the true cost of your auto repairs – portions of auto repair estimates are bundled into one price rather than show the actual break down of parts, tax, and labor. It’s difficult to get an accurate understanding of your car repair charges without the right information or questions to ask.
  6. Parts and labor prices are often billed higher than the manufacturer suggests – this may seem outrageous, but there is a pricing strategy called the part and labor matrix, as well as simply dishonest practices. Too often folks pay far more than what’s fair for auto repair. You don’t have to!

The above are just a few highlights.

But before you even consider trying to reduce your car repair prices beware of those free auto-generated car repair estimates on the web, as well as other so-called car repair experts. They are often incorrect by $100s and even $1,000s of dollars. You may end up paying more!

To know if you’re actually saving money and being treated fairly you need information!

This is where we come in!

RepairTrust has gathered over 20 years of data from multiple sources nationwide, penetrating all levels of auto repair, including local repair shops, dealerships, and manufacturers. And we’ve packed it into the jaw-dropping, ground-breaking eBook, A.R.R.E.S.T. The Automotive Service Industry!

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