The Truth About Automotive Service Managers

Who’s in charge of your car repair prices? You can get all the auto repair advice and information in the world, but if the boss is inept, your auto repair costs will skyrocket!

In any industry, an easy and warranted target to blame is the leadership. If a business or industry has an issue, always look to its leadership. Automotive service managers are an especially interesting study.

First, there are no licensing or training requirements for service managers. Anyone is eligible, regardless of ability, experience, or ethical practices. This is particularly remarkable given their power and influence, as well as the money associated with car repair costs.

Also, there are no schools or college courses for automotive service management. Essentially, this leaves you at the mercy of service managers who lack even the fundamentals of business management.

A McDonald’s manager is likely to have significantly more management credentials than an automotive service manager.

Most service managers don’t know how to set guidelines, protocols, and accountability structures to produce an honest, well-run service center. We’ve seen service managers stick their fingers in their ears and sing la, la, la, la, la because they didn’t want, or know how to respond to their customers being ripped off by their own employees—seriously.

A point to remember when questioning whether or not your auto repair prices are trustworthy; service managers lack the critical business management skills to keep you, the service customer, from getting ripped off by their own employees.